Thursday, November 3, 2011

We like to share...

As a family, we like to share.  We share food, we share blankets, we share strep throat!  What?  Yeah, I've got the dreaded sore throat.  I went to the doctor today and she gave me some antibiotics and two steroid pills.  The steroids are to help with the pain and they are awesome!  I took them and an hour later my throat hurt less and my lymph node is feeling less tender.  I like my new doctor by the way.  She is nice and she listened to me go on and on about all my problems since the back surgery in May.

I haven't been seen by military doctors in a while, so I'm having to get used to the way military healthcare is run.  Speaking of how military healthcare is run, it's bizarre to go to a social function for hubby's work and then go to your doctor appointment and there asking you how your bowel movements are is the lady you saw at the gathering.  She likely saw you going to funky town on all those little cookies.  Not to mention that the guy that lives around the corner knows all about how you had to get treatment for your kids' pin-worms.  This small town base living is hard to get accustomed to.

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