Monday, November 14, 2011

A Report Card and McDonald's

I slept in again.  I actually had no intention of doing so, but when I did awake I was alone in the bed and feeling refreshed.  It was quite nice.

We all dressed and headed out the door to pick up Ethan's report card and to meet with his teachers.  He's doing very well.  All A's and B's with one very high C in math.  The C was one point from being a B.  He had made a few careless mistakes on a test and it brought down his grade.  I'm very proud of him.  He actually had a teacher say "the world is a better place by having Ethan here!"  I love that kid.

We got gas and it was somewhere around 48 Euros to get the car to just over 3/4 of a tank.  That my friend is approximately $65.58.  Thankfully we don't have to pay that amount.  We have to purchase gas coupons from the exchange for a set price and then we pay for the gas by the liters.  So we got 35 liters.

We drove over to McDonald's and had lunch.  It was 11am and completely empty.  Ethan had a burger called a Crispy Bacon (a double bacon burger).  Cody got a Big Mac and Norah got a kids cheeseburger.  Gavin of course had chicken nuggets and I got something called an Adagio.  It was peaceful in there.  However it cost us  28.50 Euro.  That is equal to $38.85.  Yeah.  The burger I had was interesting.  It had salted ricotta cheese and eggplant on it.  I liked it.  No one else did.  I liked to try it, but it's not something I'd keep getting.

This is the Adagio Burger.  It has salted ricotta cheese and eggplant on it.  

We decided to ride around Catania.  We still had not been to the Catania Market or to Elephant Square.  We still haven't been there.  We didn't have any directions with us and even when we did have directions we still didn't find it.  Someday we will.  We did have a good time driving around and looking at where people live.
A street in Catania
One of the many apartment buildings we saw in Catania.

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