Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flaking out and the ER...again.

We got up early this morning, got everyone dressed and I cooked some corn, anticipating meeting up with some folks and going to pick olives or something like that. ( I wasn't completely clear on what we were going to do, but we were going to go.)  I went out side and it was raining...a lot.  I called my neighbor and she was't sure what was going on.  I wasn't keen on going out in the rain with the kids after us all just getting over colds and strep.  So we didn't go.  I was bummed, but my kids would have been miserable out in the rain.  I would have been miserable.  Cody would have been miserable.  I feel bad about not going.  I really wanted to.

We took Norah back to the ER to remove the stitches from her eyebrow.  She did really well, but then the third stitch was much tighter and they had a difficult time getting it out. She screamed and cried and it was awful.  Cody was with me this time and he held her head still and I was holding her hands.  Poor baby made it through and looks pretty good now.  She's such a trooper.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out watching tv online and just being together.  We made some "Welcome Home" cards to send to soldiers returning from Afghanistan.  Norah colored a lot.  Ethan worked on his project with his friend and Gavin wondered the neighborhood with his friends.  While we missed out on olive picking, we spent good quality time together and it was a good day.

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