Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Thanksgiving Feast and a train

This morning Gavin's Kindergarten class along with the other two classes had a feast to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It was a nice spread.  I tried fried turkey for the first time...OMG!  That stuff is so good!  Someday I will fry me a turkey.  Yum, yum, yum.  We carried corn and it was gobbled up.  It was a lot of fun eating lunch with Gavin.  Cody was able to take an hour or so off of work.  I took some pictures, but quite honestly I'm too tired to bother with uploading them. 

We were a bit late for the luncheon because we literally waited at a train crossing for 15-20 minutes before five train cars pulled by an ancient engine came rolling by.  It is frustrating waiting and nothing comes by for so long.  It was weird to have motorcycles pass us up and go to the front of the line of traffic to wait.  We also got passed up by guys on bikes.  They ended up walking their bikes across the tracks.  They clearly don't have the same rules here that we do in the states. 

Ethan babysat for us again tonight.  Cody brought home a pizza and a movie for them and he and I went out to a movie.  We saw "Moneyball" which was pretty good, though kind of long and slow.  It was interesting though.  We had hoped to watch a second movie but "Moneyball" was longer than I had anticipated so we missed the second movie.  We ate a bite at Piazza Pizza (on base).  We love having the affordable movie theater here on base.  We may get movies a little later, but it only cost us $3.00 to get in and we can get a large popcorn for $3!  Nice, huh?

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