Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mount Etna

I've been meaning to sit down and talk about the glorious mountain here, Mount Etna.  She's gorgeous.  She is also a volcano! What?  Yes, an active volcano.  While she has snow on her peaks she also has hot lava inside. She has erupted several times since we have been here, but I've only seen it once.  Sometimes the eruptions are small and at night when I'm safely cocooned in my house for the night and other times it's in the middle of the day.  Here are a few picture we've taken of her.

This is right after we moved into our house in Sept 2011

This is the morning of Jan 5th 2012.
I missed this one.  I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. Cody took this photo.

This is the ash that fell from the eruption. 

Here is our carport and where the car was parked.

This is early morning while it is still dark.  I couldn't get a good clear photo, but that orange is LAVA!
Feb 9, 2012

It is amazing to live so close to something so magnificent.  Mount Etna is the most active volcanoes in all of Europe. We are safe though.  Throughout history the lava has only destroyed a few towns and they were far, far from here.  She is ancient.  There are Greek myths surrounding her.  

Ethan has camped and hiked there.  He thinks it's pretty cool to say that his Boy Scout troop has camped on an active volcano.

In the winter you can drive up there and snow-shoe, sled, snowboard and ski some.  We haven't been up there yet.  May be next winter when I'm stronger.  I'm sure I'll have many, many more photos and stories of Mount Etna during our time here in Sicily.