Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sicily at last

After many months of not being sure if we are actually going to get orders, we have finally arrived in Sicily.  We actually landed here at Sigonella Wednesday, August 17th.  The flight was easy enough even with three kiddos.  We had a quick layover in Rota, Spain.  The kids really all did well with flying.  They are troopers.  It was the first time on a plane for both G and N.  G was a bit scared when we first took off, but after that he was a pro.  E had been on many planes since he was little and took it all in stride. He's not really phased by all the traveling and actually really love it.  N, she's two and as long as we're together, she's all good. 

My first sights of Sicily were of the fields and of sheep as we were driven from Nas II to our TLA in old housing called 205.  It was surreal to see the country side.  I was exhausted since I didn't get much sleep on the plane.  We crashed pretty good that night.  And thankfully our sponsor was awesome and actually had us some food in the fridge. 

The first two weeks we had INDOC.  It was good information, but of course G and N did not like going to the CDC so I ended up not going to a good bit of it.  Both kids were crying and inconsolable.  I just couldn't make them stay if they were so unhappy and it wasn't a requirement for me to be there. 

We moved into housing Sept. 2nd.  We only had our first express shipment but the base has a nice loaner furniture program so we were able to have beds, a table and chairs, dressers and endtables with lamps.  It was really nice.  We are supposed to get our HHG shipment tomorrow.  I'll be so happy to finally have my own things and to really get settled.