Thursday, November 17, 2011

Need some shocks?

The roads between the bases here are rough!  There are potholes and the road itself is bumpy and kind of wavy.  It is well worn.  I do believe that these roads are part of the reason why our rear shocks are wore out.  Cody had the car looked at the other day and they said that they need to be replaced.  Now we have to get those replaced.  We have to wait for the Autoport to "research" the price to order them for us.  We'll also do our own "research" and figure out if the price they quote us is any better than what we can buy on our own online. 

Lots of fun. 

Tomorrow we get to have a special lunch with Gavin's class at school.  It's a Thanksgiving celebration and I'm excited to spend some time with our special Kindergartener. 

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