Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Turkey Time.

I put the turkey down in the refrigerator this morning to get it started thawing.  Cody, Norah and I went to the commissary this evening to pick up the last few items we will need (hopefully).  There were a lot of people in the store picking up Thanksgiving supplies.  I am looking forward to all the yummy food.  I hope the kids will eat more than just the pies.

Thanksgiving is pretty easy for us being overseas.  We haven't really been with family for Thanksgiving in a very long time so it's not that difficult a time for us.  I guess you could say that we have made our own traditions in our own little family.  We tend to eat out for Thanksgiving every other year or so.  This year we are eating at home, next year we may eat out; who knows?

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