Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

I love when we have long weekends!  Today was the first day of the long weekend and it did not go as I had expected.  I had hoped to wake up as well-rested bunch of people, mosey out of the house to do some shopping and site-seeing off-base and then returning for a fun evening relaxing and watching tv.  Funny how those visions of a perfect day turn into reality, real fast.

We woke up late and for the most part well-rested, but certain people's moods were less than stellar.  We ended up not leaving the house until 12:30 pm so much later than I had hoped for and in crabby moods.  We drove up to Motta and picked up a couple of paninis and some "freaky fries" chips for lunch.  Then we headed out to try to find Elephant Square in Catania.  Of course we got lost and ended up in Misterbianco with Norah sleeping and Gavin whining about not feeling well and wanting to go home.  So we gave up and headed to NAS1 to the Exchange and Commissary.

At the Exchange we picked up new shoes for all the kids and some miscellaneous things.  Then onto the Commissary to pick up some junk food.  We all were feeling blah.  I went ahead and got our turkey for Thanksgiving.  It's a good sized one that cost $14.95 or so.

We made it home and put away all the stuff, but of course on the way home I made a turn and Gavin dropped the little cakes that he was holding and they made a mess all over the back of the car.  That incident did not improve anyone's mood.

Cody did some super cleaning for me in the living room.  We moved the couches and swept and steam mopped while the kids played outside.  I think cleaning actually helps Cody.

I threw some frozen seafood into the oven and we had a nice dinner at the table.  I think we will spend the rest of the evening watching tv and relaxing and hopefully improving our crabbiness with some "Community" and "Bones".

Tomorrow is another day!

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