Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yet another busy day...

Yesterday we did not do anything much at all.  There is a stomach virus running around base and it seems that my poor Papaw caught it.  He slept away the day and is thankfully feeling much better today.

Norah went to school yesterday, even though her brothers and dad were home for Veteran's Day.  She LOVES school! Her teachers think she is just so very sweet.  I guess she hasn't ever had a meltdown at school, ha!

Today was a busy morning.  I dropped Cody off to work, took Ethan to the orthodontist, took Norah to school, took Ethan to get a flu shot, had a conference with Ethan's teachers and then picked up some milk and other items from the commissary.  Busy, busy day.

Ethan is doing well in school.  In fact all three kids are doing great.  All are well liked by their peers as well as their teachers.  It's nice to hear such praise for these kids.  It makes me feel so proud of them.

I'm truly enjoying having my grandparents here.  I know that it's a blessing to have the opportunity for my kids to get to know their great grandparents.

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