Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Massive Fit was Pitched...

I tried to get up early this morning, but I was just too tired.  Cody did get up early and he ran in a race through an orange grove.  I admire that he can drag himself up out of the bed early nearly every morning and run.  Even back when I was physically able to run, I didn't do that.  Boy I sure did waste my good health.

I spent the morning making our Thanksgiving menu and planning a menu for all week and the corresponding grocery list.  When Cody returned from the run; he, Nana and I went grocery shopping.  Papaw stayed home with all three kids.  It was nice to go through the grocery store more slowly than usual and be able to actually shop without worrying about getting home ASAP before one of the kids smacks one of the others.

We managed to get our front porch/carport area cleaned off.  It looks so much better.  Our plan was to go to a bowling party for Cub Scouts today, but Gavin had a meltdown and it was massive.  We decided to not go because we cannot reward such behavior.  It was a hard decision, but one that we had to make.

I needed to cool off from that episode so Nana and Papaw and I went to the Exchange to shop a little.  I picked up some Halloween things for 90% off!  I love a good deal.  I got Norah some dress-up items and a gravestone for decoration.

We had hoped to go fishing tomorrow, but it was decided to cancel because the weather is going to be iffy.

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