Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chapel and Mementos

We went to Chapel this morning.  Yep, I went to church. It was hard to hear the Chaplain, something about the tone he speaks in and the acoustics of the chapel made it difficult for me to hear him.  His sermon was on Jesus and Government.  It is clear that Christians should follow the rules of the government unless it is very obvious evil.  Easy enough.

Norah enjoyed the Children's moment and then the Children's Church during the sermon time.  She liked learning about Jericho.  The boys stayed home since there is only enough room in our car for 6 of the 7 of us counting Nana and Papaw.

After church we went to eat at the Galley.  I had never been and it was actually pretty good.  We had brunch which included eggs, bacon, pork chops and veggies. I think it would be nice to go over there every once in a while for a change of pace.

We didn't do much of anything this afternoon.  Cody and I straightened up some stuff in the dining room/ office area.  We ate pork roast for dinner, which was quite tasty.  Then after dinner Papaw and Cody watched some football and Nana and I went through one of my boxes of mementos   There were photos from when I was a kid; photos of a ghost hunt me and a friend did in Japan, lots of things from when we lived in Japan.  I came across my 2nd and 3rd grade report cards as well as my 6th grade.  Man, I sure do remember 6th grade sucking and it did; I have the paper to prove it!  It was fun to look through some old things with her.

I'm grateful for this laid back-do nothing kind of day spent with my family.

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