Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The mall is the mall is the mall...

After dropping Cody to work and Norah to school, Papaw, Nana and I went to the mall Porte di Catania.  As always the actual destination was to Auchan a grocery/department store.  This was the first time I had ever been there without kids or husband in tow.  It was great since my grandparents were just as curious to check out everything as I was!

We spent nearly two hours just browsing through the store and honestly I could have stayed longer!  I love looking at all the various isles of pastas and cheeses!  They have fresh, frozen, dried pastas; there are all kinds of different kinds of cheese; it is amazing!

I picked up a couple of gifts for a few people and some candy to see how it was and of course it is all yummy!

I did self-check out but it wasn't as easy as in the past since the register would not allow English.  It did Italian and German, but not English.  I tried desperately to touch that British flag for English  but it would not work!  I went with Italian and only had a problem when I scanned the wine; the lady came along and helped me but she wasn't very pleasant about it. It seems that customer service is a lacking skill here in Sicily.

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