Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy Day

We had a pretty busy day today, but it was the kind of busy that isn't super tiring; which I am ever grateful.  Cody and Gavin had the day off; Norah and Ethan went to school.  After getting those two off to school this morning we picked up some sweets for breakfast.  The fact that they have put a Chock-ful-o-nuts over on NAS 1 with Piazza Pizza has increased our consumption of cinnamon rolls and iced mocha.

We made a couple of stops over on NAS 2 and then we did some joy riding.  We took a scenic drive to see where an agriturismo that we had heard of was and it was a nice and rough road.  We took the front road up to Motta and came down the backside.  It's a nice way to show off the area to our guests.

We had a conference with Gavin's teacher and he is doing well.  Not only is he a hard worker and doing just fine in his academics; he's a kind and caring person.  It's great to hear how he is taking the values that we are trying to instill in him out into the world and sharing them with others.

After we picked up Norah from school we had a late lunch over at Alphio's Garden.  The food there is usually pretty good and it's never crowded.  I ordered my favorites of bruschetta and caprese salad.  Norah and Papaw both got lasagna.  Nana got Pasta alla Norma and Cody had tortellini Alfredo.  Of course there was bread as well.  Nana brought home some of hers, they were big helpings.

Waiting on our meal.

Checking out the meal.  Hmmm...what is that?

Pasta alla Norma--eggplant

After lunch we headed home and then the two littles went to a birthday party.  We had a great day and tomorrow we are supposed to go olive picking.

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