Thursday, November 8, 2012

High Society...

Today is another sunny day here in Sicily, but it's chilly.  The grass is turning so green now!  We've had rain and in the winter here is when we get see beautiful green grass.  It's backwards from what I'm used to.  The green is so refreshing from the dry, brown we've seen all summer long.  

Tonight I have a den meeting with our Little Tigers.  We went to see the AFN station last week and we are featured on page three of the newspaper!  Here is a link to see it.  It's pretty fabulous to live on such a small base so that we are actually part of the news!  It's almost like a throwback to small-town America.  Back in the day the fact that my grandparents are visiting would have made the society section.  It would read as follows.

Donald and Alice Curran of Oxford, Georgia are visiting their Granddaughter, Sarah Curran Schaal and family for the Holidays.  They are enjoying the Sicilian weather and countryside.  They intend on staying through both Thanksgiving and Christmas before winging their way back to Georgia for the New Year!

I suppose that our equivalent to the society and gossip pages of the old newspaper is now Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.  

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