Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Time...Cherish it!

We had a great day here, letting my grand parents settle-in. They both go well rested last night and have little jet lag so far.

It was nice taking them with me to pick Norah up from school and going grocery shopping at the commissary.  I cannot express just how much it means to me to have them here.  It's so great to be able to know how important this time is with them and to cherish it.  We are only given our family for a certain amount of time and it's so important to be able to understand that and take each day for what it is.  We can choose to be cranky and fight about every little thing or we can choose to take each moment and try our best to make them a good memory.  Of course that doesn't mean we don't have our arguments or fights, but that we certainly do our best to not hold grudges and go crazy with useless drama.

I love my family so very much!

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