Thursday, November 1, 2012

What happened to England Part 2?

I have grand plans, indeed I do.  I have terrible follow-through.  I had intended to write in excitingly delicious detail every day of our trip to England.  I was going to tell you how everything went on each day.  It was going to be glorious and you would have been so impressed, but real life isn't so beautiful or grand.

Here it is, Thursday, November 1st 2012; over 6 months later and I have only managed to write about our first day.  How absolutely pitiful.  I have every resolution to improve myself and blog posting is high up on that list.  This month is NaBloPoMo and I intend to write here everyday.  I cannot guarantee that it will be earth shattering  soul wrenching awesomeness covered in awesomesauce, but I will be here; writing.

As for England:  I will do an overview here shortly and include some photos.  From now on I plan on actually writing while on vacation even if it requires good old fashioned pen to paper and transcribing it later. I haven't even began our trip to Germany!  Agh.


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