Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mount Etna...

This morning we decided to make the drive up to Mt. Etna to see what we could see.  I'm embarrassed to admit that we had not been up there and we've been here over a year.  For shame!

We had a nice drive up there.  We saw the lava stone fields.  It's a dramatic type of landscape.
Lava rock field
Nana and Norah on the steps up to the shrine

The drive was fantastic!  It was beautiful and a little bit foggy so it added to the drama of the scenery.  Along the drive on the mountain we came across a shrine (I think that's the appropriate name for it) so we stopped and checked it out.  It was very well taken care of. We picked up some lava rocks and pine cones.  I plan on making some Christmas decorations with the pine cones.


We stopped and walked around a crater.  What was super fun about that was that we ran into Gavin's teacher!  How fun to say that you ran into your teacher on a volcano!  

 At this stop where you can walk around this crater was a gift shop and Nana went in there while we hiked around the crater.  It was beautiful.

The landscape is unbelievable. 

Papaw up top checking out the view

View from the top

The drive back was pretty nice too.  We ended up driving through lots of towns and seeing lots and lots of people.  I was able to show Nana and Papaw first hand how crazy driving can be around here.  We came back through Catania; I 'm so very thankful for my GPS!  

We had another great day with my grandparents.  We were missing Cody since he had duty today, but it was still a great time. 


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