Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gearing up for Turkey Day!

The last few days have been a little off.  I honestly don't remember what all I did on Monday.  I'm pretty sure we went to the commissary, it seems I manage to be over there every other day or so.  I drove around Motta with Nana and Papaw.  Motta is a little town on a hill and it's amazing to see all the buildings and houses.

Tuesday I wasn't feeling well at all.  I managed to get Norah to school, then made it back home to take a nap.  I was feeling so sick with nausea and tummy issues. I was useless that day.

Today I went to the market in Motta.  I managed to get a kilo of tomatoes, a bunch of bananas, 1 kilo of little oranges (Clementines I think), 1 kilo of green beans and 5 apples all for just over 9 euro or $11.  All of the produce is just beautiful.  I also picked up a Christmas doormat.  I'll get a picture of it later when I put out our Christmas decorations on Friday.  I would have taken Nana and Papaw with me, but they weren't up when I left to take Cody to work and Noah to school.

I started working on some of the Thanksgiving meal today.  I made deviled eggs, 2 pumpkin pies with Ethan's help, a pumpkin cheesecake and oyster dressing.  The turkey is thawed and ready to go in the morning.  I'm looking forward to having a delicious and enjoyable dinner with my grandparents, kids and husband.  I'm so happy to have family here for this holiday.

I'm so looking forward to this very long weekend!  I hope to get some traveling in around the island and show Nana and Papaw some more awesome areas of Sicily.

I'll leave you with this photos of a beautiful rainbow that we saw this afternoon.


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