Friday, November 16, 2012

This little mouse went in the teapot...

It never did rain today.  There was snow on Mt. Etna this morning though. 

Cody took the car so I was home all day.  I got a little bit of laundry done.  We had a nice snack of Italian bread, two flavors of olive oil (lemon and garlic), edamame, and several kinds of cheeses.  It was fun to try the different things.  Nana and Papaw enjoyed it as well. 

We had some excitement outside this afternoon.  Nana and I were sitting in the car port this afternoon watching Norah play on her scooter and I kept hearing a scratching sound coming from the toy box.  I started pulling out the toys and there was a mouse! It was a cute little mouse with a long tail.  I couldn't bring myself to kill it, so we tried to catch it!  It ran into a little teapot in the toy box and I used a tennis racket to hold it in.  I walked to the end of the street to set it free and that booger turned around and started running toward the houses!  Papaw as standing in the middle of the street and it ran right between his feet and he kicked that sucker back and it bounced up and scampered across the street and toward the dumpsters!  I think he'll be happier living by the dumpsters than living in our toy box!  Norah laughed so hard!  It was so funny.

This evening Cody, Gavin and I went to a Powder Puff football game.  Four of our neighbors were playing and their team won!  It was fun!

We are supposed to go bowling tomorrow with the Cub Scouts.

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