Monday, November 5, 2012

It's not due until tomorrow morning...

Why is it that we tend to procrastinate and then try to do everything the last minute?  Why does it seem that we thrive on such a thing.  I really do like having things already completed, but I never seem to be able to do it.

My sweet grandparents are flying in to visit tomorrow and my house is still a wreck.  I've never been the best at keeping house.  I mean, we don't live in filth but it's definitely not spotless. I can never keep up with the laundry and I despise doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Here it is the night before they are to arrive and I've still got tons of laundry to do with no hope of it being caught up by tomorrow.  My bedroom and bathroom are a mess.  I tend to only sleep up there so I don't spend much time cleaning it.  On top of all that cleaning I still need to plan a Cub Scout Den meeting and work on my classes that I'm taking.  Time management is not one of my strong skills.

I'm excited about having my Nana and Papaw come stay with us for the Holidays. I hope that their trip is easy and they get here safely.

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