Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm gonna pop a tire...gotta get a new battery in my Mazda

This has been a very challenging week here at Casa de Schaals.  It all started on Tuesday morning when I fell taking packages to mail out to the car.  I dropped the boxes, scraped my knees and twisted my ankle.  I had to repack one of the boxes because the bag of pasta inside burst open upon impact.  I'm glad I didn't burst open on impact.  I managed to still get to Bible Study (which I affectionately call Jesus Meeting) and mail two packages.  I thought, "well, that wasn't pleasant"; the falling, not the Jesus Meeting, but did not realize it was just the beginning of a crappy challenging week.

Tuesday evening was to be one of those, "why do we have more than one kid?" kind of night.  Gavin was supposed to have Football Practice while at the same time Ethan had AVID family night at school.  We had planned on a divide and conquer strategy.  I was going to take Gavin to Football practice and Cody was going to take Ethan to AVID and Norah was going to hold down the fort...wait, what?  No, Norah was going to go with me.  It started raining and I secretly, okay not secretly; I broadcast it all over my facebook status that I wished for it to keep raining so it would be canceled.  I lucked out and it was canceled on account of the super soggy fields. Score for me!  I was off the hook for taking kids to the field and I could stay home and nurse my hurt knee.

Cody still had to take Ethan to AVID though.  He wasn't keen on it since social interaction is not one of Cody's favorite past times.  He keeps it to a minimum when he can.  He's an introvert (I think I must attract them since I have more than a couple of friends that are and I'm married to one).  I should really explore that further.  Anyway, he suffered through the AVID night and was starving since there wasn't much food at the actual gathering, though there was supposed to be a sign-up for it.  On the way home he rounded a curve in the road and BAM...hit a pothole and killed the back tire.  He drove it home since there was no place to pull off that was safe and had any light.  I was really, really good.  I didn't yell or laugh or anything.  Sometimes I laugh at the wrong times.  He and Ethan got the tire changed and I came in and ordered new tires online.

It's useless to try to get a tire here.  The NEX Autoport never has the size tire that we need.  It's always a hassle to get one.  Did I mention this is the third one I think we've had blow out on us.  Potholes are ridiculous.  Cody used the portable cigarette lighter air pump we have to pump the spare donut tire up to the proper Psi.   The next morning he got up to drive to the gym.  The battery was dead.  He had forgot he had left the pump charging.  Whoops.  for once it wasn't my fault!  Yippee!~  I've been known to be the cause of dead batteries...more than once.

We got out neighbor to jump the car off and Cody drove it to the Autoport and we had to buy a new battery.  Oh yeah and that same morning Gavin woke up feeling miserable and horrid with a bad head cold.  So he stayed home and since Cody took our crippled car Norah stayed home too.  Not exactly the kind of Wednesday I was looking for.  Norah missed school and ballet.  Gavin missed school and I had to cancel our Cub Scout meeting because we have them here in the house and I didn't want to spread the yuckies to everyone else.

Thursday Gavin was still sick and missed school.  As did Norah again, because I didn't want to drive Gavin with me to take Norah to school.  I had to reschedule a consult with a new breastfeeding mom and Gavin missed a football game.  I did get to go to a lovely dinner at the chapel, but of course I had a headache.  Seriously?

Thankfully today was not so bad.  While Cody is certain that the spare is going to blow out and we're going to be up shittake mushroom creek with out a paddle, I'm feeling okay waiting on the tires to arrive, hopefully next week.  A girl can dream, right?

Here's to hopefully having a calming and happy weekend.  But I'm not banking on it.

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