Friday, October 14, 2011

Vaccines and Italian Girlfriends

I had to take Ethan to get a vaccine yesterday.  He needed to get the menegecocal vaccine per the schools policy.  I drove him over to the hospital first thing in the morning.  Of course the immunizations clinic doesn't open until 8AM so we waited for 15 minutes.  I thought it would be a very quick thing, but it wasn't.  The guy at the clinic needed to verify with the pediatrics doc  that was okay to give Ethan the vaccine since it's a live vaccine.  Well the doctor was in with a patient so we had to wait for her to finish he could ask her.  We finally got the shot and got out of there with Ethan only missing the first hour of school.  He only missed music class so it wasn't a big deal.

Norah and I came home and hung out for a few hours then we went back over to Nas 1 and bought some popcicles for Gavin's class.  He chose ;popciles instead of cookies or cakes to be his school treat for his birthday.  Gavin is a popular little guy in his class.  All the kids seemed to like him and he's so funny.  He had three little girls and one little boy giving him hugs.  His teacher told me that he's a great kid and a joy to have in class.  I'm glad he saves his wildness and crazy time for here at home.

After school Gavin, Norah and I came home for a few minutes before we picked up Cody to go buy Gavin's birthday gift.  Last week Gavin jumped on the little girl next doors bike and she told him how to ride it and he took off!  No training wheels.  No running along side with him, he just took off; so he wanted a bike for his birthday.  We headed over to the NEX Depot.  They had a couple bikes to choose from and Gavin chose the green one.  Thankfully it wasn't expensive ($49.99).

The Italian guys that work there are really nice.  They had Gavin sit on the bike and they adjusted his seat for him.  I told them it was his birthday.  The one guy was surprised that Gavin was only 6.  He seems tall, apparently.  Then the guy proceeded to say the following, "My daughter turned 6 on Monday, the 10th.  Hmm. You want an Italian girl friend?  She's got blonde hair, blue eyes and she's beautiful!".  Gavin got so embarrassed.  It was great.  I told Gavin that he must be a special boy if that guy wants him to be his daughters boyfriend.

Gavin rode his bike all over when we got home.  Then he decided that he wanted Burger King for dinner.  We have a Burger King at the Food Court next to the Commissary.  It's actually pretty expensive and not that great, but we haven't ate there in a while.  We picked the food up to go since Ethan was still at school (he had rehearsal for the Christmas musical).  Gavin had chicken nuggets and we all got burgers.  BK is the only place on base that you can get a fountain soda and even then they taste a little off to me.  Everywhere else you can only get canned sodas.

Gavin wanted an icecream cake too.  I went to the commissary to get a Carvel cake.  I bought it and thought it looked okay, but when we got it home realized that it had been partially melted.  The whole bottom had spread way out and was refrozen.  It tasted okay though.  It's tough being here.  Our meat, frozen foods and refrigerated stuff are all shipped from Germany.  Sometimes you go over there and they are out of something like milk or lunch meat.  All the meat has been previously frozen so you can't refreeze it.  It's one of the not fun parts of living over here.  I suppose I should really go back out to Auchan (grocery store) and see what they have and how much it is.

Overall it was a pretty good day.  Ethan was pleased to have a double cheeseburger when he got home from school yesterday.  Gavin loves his new bike and is excited to be 6 years old.

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