Monday, October 17, 2011

Sick Day

Gavin wasn't feeling well all weekend.  He complained of having a sever sore throat and he slept off an on all day Saturday and Sunday.  I decided to keep him home from school and try to get him an appointment at the doctor.  I called this morning and there wasn't any appointments available but they told me a nurse would call me.

I got a phone call around 9am.  She asked about Gavin and I told her how he was doing.  She again said that there wasn't any appointments because the one doctor was out on leave.  I wasn't stressing it.  She then said she would try to get me an appointment before lunch or we could come in tomorrow at 9:40am.  I told her it didn't matter to me, she told me she'd call back.

After I talked to her the maintenance guy from housing showed up. Our hot water heater pilot light was out and I couldn't get it re-lit.  They ended up having to replace the whole burner mechanism.  I'm kind of glad that there was something wrong and I'm not just a complete moron that can't relight a water heater.

The nurse called back at 10:45am.  She said, "I got you an appointment at 11."  What?!  I can't make it.  "The doctor is running a little behind."  There is no way I can get there.  The maintenance guy was here, Cody had the car and I don't like the idea of last minute appointments.  I told here I couldn't make it and she said to me, "Ugh and I have an injury and I've been hobbling all over trying to set this up for you!".  Like it was my fault and I put her out.  I just felt bad and was aggravated as well.  So we have an appointment tomorrow.

Of course around 7pm tonight, Gavin suddenly feels awesome and is acting like nothing is up.  I'll still take him to the doctor tomorrow, but I hate this kind of stuff.  I always feel so inept as a mother in these situations.  I know I should just make a decision and be strong in it.  I feel like I am making the wrong choice; keep the kids home, send them to the school, take them to the doctor or not.  I wish I felt like a grown-up.

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