Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ER for ear and failure as a mother

The fun never stops around here.

Last night Gavin decided his ear itched and we didn't have any Q-tips so he stuck a lollypop stick into his ear.  He screeched and came running to me.  His ear was bleeding.  Great.  So Cody took him to the ER.  Thankfully it was just a scratch to his ear canal.  Good grief.  While at the ER, the doctor was concerned about Gavin's runny nose and prescribed him some Zyrtec (which we will pick-up today or tomorrow).

This morning Gavin was exhausted from being up late and had a melt-down over the clothes I had out for him to wear.  They were shorts.  I did not finish laundry yesterday and the few pair of jeans he has were not clean.  He freaked out.  I felt awful.  I mean seriously bad.  He has several pairs of shorts but only a few jeans.  I'm going to the store today and buying him 4 more pair so he won't freak out again.  I cannot explain how terrible I felt, feel about the whole thing.  It has been a frustrating day with the feeling of being a failure and it's only noon.  

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