Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WWII Trip...Part 2

The boys and Cody went on the second part of the WWII trip earlier this month.  They spent a lot of time on the bus riding from one "Pill box" to the next.  This trip was less impressive and informative than the first one.  They did see the beach where the Allied Forces landed, but it was just a beach.  I don't have the description this time (misplaced the Preview, if I find it, I'll update here).

The highlight of this trip was the food at the Agriturismo. Overall they said that the trip was too long and was very repetitive with all the stops at the pillboxes.  They said they would not recommend this one unless they shortened it up or added something different to it.

This post will contain mostly photos since they didn't really like the trip as much as the last one and didn't have much to tell me.

A monument

The boys in front of one of the "pill boxes".  

The beach at Gela where the Allied Forces landed.

Gela, Italy

Blood red orange grove.  They stopped here to see another pill box and the owner of the property allowed them to pick some oranges.  They are super delicious!


View from inside a pill box (Gavin's shoe on the right)

Gavin conquering a hill

Beautiful view of the countryside

Lunch time!

Wine of course

Antipasto, Cody's favorite parts of the meal


Ricotta cheese


More pasta



Oranges...there are a lot of oranges here!

Canollis mmmm

Inside the restaurant

Lemoncello, a digestive.  :)  LIQUOR

More pill boxes on the hillside

a water park

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