Friday, January 20, 2012

WWII Museum.

Cody and the boys took an ITT trip last weekend.  Since I had surgery Jan 4th, I'm not able to do much of anything so he and the boys took off and me and Norah had a girls day.  She and I watched Princess movies and played with baby dolls.

The ITT Trip this time was described as follows:

WWII Tour (Part 1)
Saturday, January 14th
Tour the WWII Museum and German Cemetery and learn about "Operasione Husky."  Then we will go to Marchesana in the center of Catania just behind Palazo Biscari, which was the "General Quarter" of the Allies after the invasion of Sicily.  (Lunch and fees are included).

Score!  Lunch included!  Easy peasey.

The boys set off on their adventure early on Saturday morning at 8am.  The tour was full and included one of Ethan's teachers and a counselor.

The first stop on the tour was the German cemetery near Motta.

Here is a beautiful photo of Mt. Etna.

The next stop on the tour was a WWII museum in Catania.  The museum was, in the words of Gavin, "Awesome!" They did not allow photos in the museum, but Gavin snapped a couple before being told otherwise; however I can't seem to locate them on my computer right now.  If I find them, I'll update them on here.

Cannon outside of the museum.

Taken before they were told not to take photos.

Next to the museum was a radio collection.  A man had his private radio collection open for viewing and the boys enjoyed seeing the old-fashioned radios.

They boarded the bus and headed to the Restaurant to eat lunch.  Gavin was starving!  They were all so hungry that they forgot to take pictures of their meals (I had asked them to do it before the left and they even told themselves to remember before they went in, but were just so hungry they forgot).

The choices were beef, horse or one other thing that they weren't sure what it was.  They all went with beef. You know if I were there, I'd tried the horse.  (I think).  They had bread and pasta.  Gavin was so hungry he ate his entire serving of beef!  For desert were oranges and Cody had a lemoncello.
The name of the restaurant.   I think Marchesana is a family name and "trattoria" is translated as either Tavern or Inn. 

Gavin showing that he ate all of his beef.  You can see some of Cody's beef left on his plate.  Gavin left the salad alone.  

My boys 

Cody's lemoncello

Cody enjoying his lemoncello
 After lunch the next stop was a British cemetery.  Gavin was fascinated by all of the headstones and took many, many pictures

Overall the boys and Cody really enjoyed their trip.  They learned a lot about the Allies here in Sicily during WWII.  They are scheduled to go on another trip later this month that is Part 2 of this one.

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