Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What a Summer~

This summer has been quite an adventure for us.  We left Sicily for good on July 3rd and arrived to Baltimore, Maryland early morning July 4th.  We weren't supposed to be arriving in Baltimore we were supposed to arrive aboard NAS Norfolk, but there was a pesky storm called Hurricane Arthur that diverted our flight.  We were held on the plane for hours while waiting for Customs officials to arrive so we could deplane and get on with our lives.  We were given the option of terminating in Baltimore and finding our own way from there or waiting for 12 hours and be comped a hotel and food.  We chose to terminate and headed out to find a rental car one way to Virginia Beach.  Boy, did we pay out the nose for that one.

We rented a car and drove to Virginia Beach where we promptly headed to Car Max and bought a new car!  We stayed the night at Dam Neck (right on the beach).  We were there for two days before I drove Cody to Pennsylvania.  We dropped him off at IUP and headed directly back to Virginia.  We stopped in Fairfax and visited one of my best friends and her family.  We also went to the NRA National Firearms Museum...didn't realize there was even such a place, but there it was.  Gavin loved seeing all the different guns.  It's actually a nice collection of guns and it's free to go into.

We, the kids and I, drove halfway to Georgia; stopping in North Carolina for the night and finally arriving in Georgia.  We spent two weeks in Georgia before Cody flew down to spend a week with us there as well.

Then we drove to the St. Louis area to visit Cody's Grandma, Uncle and Aunt and cousins for a few days.  From there we headed west and made the long trek to Bremerton, Washington.

And here I am.

Here we are.

Living in Bremerton, Washington.

A new location and a new adventure.

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