Sunday, February 10, 2013

And Santa brought us Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease...

Our Christmas was highlighted with a visit to the ER for what we first thought to be Chicken Pox.  Cody and I have both had Chicken Pox and all the kids have been vaccinated, but they looked like they had something!  Gavin was covered and benydryl wasn't doing any good and Ethan was starting to run a fever so we decided to take them both in to get checked out.  I mean, as soon as we were done opening our gifts both boys lay on the couch and was watching tv...not even touching their new gifts.

This is when we knew something was up.

We took them to the ER and the initial diagnosis was Chicken Pox.  But then I started running a fever and my foot started to break-out and a neighbor mentioned HFM so I started to question it.  We returned to the doctor two days later and got the diagnosis of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.  My foot started to look awful but I didn't bother getting diagnosed since there is nothing to do but wait it out.  

Below are some photos of my foot and of Ethan.  Gavin refused to let me take pictures of his rash. LOL

My foot all swollen and starting to get a gross rash. 12/27/2012

Ethan with the rash on his face.

My foot a few days later.  Gross.  It continued on and eventually my entire foot's skin peeled off.

We managed to survive this gift and live through to the New Year to see 2013. 

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