Sunday, January 6, 2013

Return to the snowy volcano

Dec 9

We decided that we wanted to see the snow up on Mt. Etna.  We again, couldn't fit everyone in the car so the boys decided to stay home.  We drove toward the illustrious Mt. Etna.  We went through Belpasso and then on through Nicolosi.  We made it through Nicolosi and up to just past this one park on the way up and then the Carabinieri and Polizia made us all turn around.  The road was completely closed.  So we made a left hand turn and found our way into a big parking lot where we could get out and see the snow!

Papaw getting a good shot of the field of snow.

Norah with a snowball

The field of snow

Now we aren't big snow folks, so we just touched it some, threw a couple of snow balls and we were good.  So we came back down the mountain and went for a ride around the country roads near to where we live.  We got a few shots of the countryside.  I enjoy riding throughout the countryside and taking photos.

The trees along the road.  We were told when we first moved here that Mussolini had them planted to help hide troop movements during WWII.

This is typical of the countryside.  There are ruins of these types of houses everywhere. 

While we didn't get to go all the way up Mt. Etna, we were satisfied and enjoyed our time riding around.

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