Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Season!

During the week we don't get around to doing much sightseeing because of all the getting kids to and from school etc.  Friday the 30th of December was the beginning of the Christmas Season around here.  We went and had family portraits done that included all of us!  I'm so pleased to have been able to do that.  Aren't we awesome!?

Curran and Schaal Family
Donald, Ethan, Cody, Sarah, Alice, Norah and Gavin

After our photos we went to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Piazza on NAS 1.  There was a Christmas song sing-along and they lit up the big tree.  It was great fun!  And it was COLD so it really made it feel like Christmas.

Earlier in the day we were able to get this beautiful photo of Mt. Etna with snow.  

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