Monday, August 6, 2012

Still here, not keeping up!

Wow, am I ever the slacker on here or what.  Not only am I behind with the Spring Break trip to London and the Taormina trip.  Now I'm also behind on two trips to Germany!  How in the world will I ever catch up?

I know!  I will just sit my hiney down here and just do it!  It's so easy to get distracted by silly tv shows and facebook.  Then the next thing you know it's time for a meal or it's time to do something more productive and my blog posts have been pushed back yet again.

Not anymore!  I'm getting ready to streamline my time, do some serious pruning of time wasters and get things in a good groove.  I want to document our fun cultural activities while living here in Europe and not waste so much of my time on ridiculousness.

I will start the London trip tonight!  Look for it here in the morning.  It will happen!

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